Muicin - Sea Weed Ultra Facial Peel-Off Mask

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  • Shrink pores, facelift, and firm, brighten skin tone.
  • Moisturising and hydrating, oil control balance, deep hydrating.
  • Nourishing skin makes skin smooth, younger, and healthier.
  • Safe formula, pregnant women can use.
  • The particles are gelatinous when they meet water, rich in collagen.
  • Seaweed can bring sensitive pleasure. Beautiful skincare. Moisturizing nutrition.
  • Skin needs additional moisture and nutrients, the product nourishes the skin and makes it gentle.
  • Gentle care. Has a gentle effect on sensitive skin, moisturizing and softening it. It helps to deal with skin dryness. This is not just an ordinary mask. A seaweed mask will satisfy your needs, pamper your skin, will benefit, and bring effective impact!
  • You can apply the mask to your foot. Moisturises and replenishes skin with moisture helps to solve the problems of dry skin.
  • You can apply the mask for hands. Makes skin soft and delicate, skin dryness won't bother you anymore. The mask can improve the appearance of skin, supplements skin necessary moisture.
  • You can apply the mask to a neck. Moisturises and tightens skin makes skin gentle and soft. Luxurious care for the whole body.
  • MUICIN Mask with seaweed particles. Nourishes and moisturizes. Smoothest and softens. Reduces dryness. Moisturizing formula enriched with seaweed.
  • Small seaweed particles. Small particles of seaweed are easily glued with each other, forming a dense consistency. High ability to stick together. Small particles of seaweed are well glued to each other, forming a texture of mask that helps the collagen and nutrients better absorb into the skin.


  •  Clean skin, take the appropriate amount of the mask, and apply to skin, then add some water.
  • Evenly spread the mask on the skin, gently massaging to ensure that the collagen absorbs in the skin.
  • In the process of absorption of the mask, small particles of seaweed can crumble.
  •  Wash off the mask after 25 minutes after application, rinse skin with warm water.


  • Brand: Muicin
  • Type: For all skin types
  • Beauty Features: Muicin - Sea Weed Ultra Facial Peel-Off Mask
  • Country of origin: Germany

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1 × MUICIN - Sea Weed Ultra Facial Peel-Off Mask

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