MUICIN - Matte Lip Gloss 12 Shades Kit

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Introducing “MUICIN A ROUGH A LEVERS MAT LIP GLOSS SHADES OF MATTE LIPSTICK, amazing blueberry texture to make you feel and look good and attractive.

  • Bright, Bold, and Perfectly Matte. With three times more pigment than any other liquid lipgloss on the market today.
  • MUICIN Premium Collection of liquid LIP GLOSS that goes on pure Matte, dries completely matte, and stays put for hours!
  • Absolutely gorgeous premium matte.
  • Must have in every color!
  • This product is 100% cruelty-free!
  • Matte Lips GLOSS Set Liquid Waterproof (AFTER DRY IT SHOWS RESULT)
  • Prefect Lip-gloss 12 pcs Set for Girl, Women. Comfortable Wear, Smooth, Creamy Feel.
  • This is a very convenient, very beautiful lip-gloss makeup set, take your perfect shades with you to carry out.
  • The package includes a 12 pcs pack with 12 different gorgeous shades of lip-gloss.

Note: The colors are a little off but that's always the case on the internet. Even when you look at these colors on your notebook and on your phone they look different.


  • Brand: Muicin
  • Texture: Matte
  • Brand Classification: Premium
  • Pack Type: 12 Pcs Set
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Eyes Makeup Finish: Matte
  • Beauty Features: WATERPROOF

Package Includes

1 x MUICIN - Matte Lip Gloss 12 Shades Kit

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