Muicin - Ginger Oil Hair Treatment Mask 250G

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    In the long term, hair care practices are just as important as those used in skincare. Ginger isn’t considered a common medical treatment for keeping hair healthy, but some claim anecdotally that this spice may improve hair growth.


    The internet is full of recipes that purportedly help with hair growth. While scientifically unfounded, applying ginger to your scalp and hair can still be an invigorating experience. Here are a few methods to try.
    Wiping it on the hair after washing, do not touch the scalp, use pulp constantly massage hair
    to help hair faster absorb nutrition, you will find the hair instantly becomes softer, smoother!
    Recommended massage hair for 2-5 minutes, that will get the better results!
    • Volume: 500 ML 
    • Ginger Oil Hair Mask 
    • Improve Hair Growth 
    • Stop Hair Fall 
    • Shiny Hair 
    • Made from Pure Organic Ginger 


    • Brand: Muicin
    • Type: For all hair types
    • Beauty Features: Ginger Oil Hair Treatment Mask
    • Country of origin: Germany

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