Makeup Sponge & Applicator Puff Blender For Facial Foundation Concealer - Focallure Pakistan

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Latex Free Sponge

  1. Plush Bouncy: The plush, bouncy texture of this tear-drop-shaped Focallure Pakistan makeup sponge leaves facial foundation looking flawless
  2. Expands in water: The wet makeup sponge, the blender is a secret weapon of beauty insiders. They double in size when wet and glide onto the face for a streak-free complexion that never looks cakey
  3. Its fine tip and dome base that expertly blends and applies product up to the inner crevices, provides excellent results with multiple formulations.

The makeup sponge is ideal for:

  1. Dry use: loose powder, blush, highlighter
  2. Wet use: Facial Foundation, concealer, primer Material: Latex-free Non-allergenic and Odor-free foam

Package Includes

1 x Makeup Sponge & Applicator Puff Blender Focallure Pakistan 


  • Brand Name: FOCALLURE
  • Item Type: Cosmetic Blender Focallure Pakistan 
  • Model Number: FA93
  • Feature 1: soft
  • Feature 2: makeup sponge