Double Sided Lazy Mop 360 Degree Floor Cleaning Mop

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  • Double-Sided Design: Lets you flip from the dirty side to the clean side, without wasting any time.
  • Stand Design: The flat double-sided floor cleaning mop can stand on the floor without leaning on the wall to save space and keep the floor mop dry naturally.
  • Handwash Free Design: Hands-free squeezing floor cleaning mop, easy to operate. Your hands never touch the dirty water.
  • 360 Degrees Design: Easy to clean every corner, not only design for cleaning the floor, but for cleaning the wall, furniture even air conditioning surface.
  • Top Grade Microfiber Floor Mop: No mildew, no bacterial, durable and will not fall hair, particularly have strong water absorption.
  • Handle construction: Metal mop frame ensures long-lasting use.


  • Insert the ends of mop cloth on the card slot of mop base when changing the pads, repeat the other side
  • Roll the mop cloth to the end of the base and fix it flat with a built-in system, repeat the other side
  • Screw the middle pole to the bottom pole (with mop base), then screw the top pole (with handle grip) to the middle pole, tighten it clockwise.

How to Use

  • Slide the bottom pole part up over the base, put down the level to start cleaning.
  • Flip over the mop base for double-sided use.
  • Slide the bottom pole part UP and DOWN for several times to wring water out.
  • After cleaning, put the mop vertical again and leave to dry.

Package Includes

1 x Double Sided Lazy Mop 360 Degree Floor Cleaning Mop
2 x Mop Cloth

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