Thread Your Face & Body At Home Conveniently with this Smart Tool

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Thread Your Face & Body At Home Conveniently with this Smart Tool

In this part of the world, professional services are offered far and wide at an expensive price. The services in Pakistan, however, are relatively cheaper than in other countries. People are used to professional services on a monthly basis. On average, one sitting of facial hair threading can cost up to PKR 1000 - 1500.

Now, things have changed as coronavirus has wreaked havoc in our lives. Public places are deemed to be unsafe as the virus still persists among us. Many people are back to work and require the same kind of services as before, thus, a great alternative is a threading kit called ‘Slique’ that can be used at home, conveniently by anybody. offers a plethora of grooming products at a great discount such as this particular tool. You can browse through their official site and shop amazing products that make your life easy.

What is Slique?

Slique, a device that “holds” the thread exactly like the professional aesthetician, enabling you to perform threading hair removal on your own. Asians do tend to get a lot of hair on their face and body, and slique, a magical tool, is your best bet for excessive hair growth.

How to Use Slique?

This device is super user-friendly! The handles can loop thread and move as the Slique applicator handle opens. Unlike tweezing one hair at a time, Slique efficiently removes an entire straight line of hairs, at the same time leaving the skin hair free and smooth. It is not just convenient but also super fast than the traditional methods of threading. 

In fact, this device can get rid of any kind of hair, be it baby-fine, hard to see hair, coarse, or heavy hair. Slique was invented keeping in mind that women can thread at home without the need of a salon or an aesthetician. Now you can remove hair safely and easily any time a stray hair pops up from cheeks, chin, forehead, upper lip, arms, legs, even fingers and toes.



Here are certain advantages that you must take notice of before getting your hands on this interesting and extremely useful tool:

  • Amazing painless hair removal
  • Without skin irritation, unlike other products. 
  • Hygienic
  • Mess-free
  • One-handed operation compared to other solutions!
  • Removes hair from the root 
  • Good for all skin types
  • Convenient
  • Fast

This device requires a little practice in the beginning so make sure you give yourself some time to practice. Once you are used to using this tool, you will be able to remove hair off your face and body in a matter of minutes back home in a safe environment. 

What are you waiting for? Pick up your phone now and order this exciting product and make your life easier.

Many websites might as well offer similar looking products, but we guarantee a smooth customer experience at and exciting discounts that you can avail in a matter of minutes by visiting our official website, making your experience worth a while.

Happy Shopping!

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