How to Check Zong Balance & Other Code Info’s?

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How to Check Zong Balance & Other Code Info’s?

Hey, do you know how to check Zong's balance in 2021? If No, then you have landed on the right page. Here we cover all aspects from pin to pin. You have to stick with us till the end. Hopefully, after you know all the essential information that you must have to know? Besides, many people have struggled to remember the code provided by their operators.

In Pakistan, there are lots of other operators such as Warid, Zong, Mobilink, etc. Each of them has different codes to make a difference. Although, they are offering the same packages. But there is no denying Zong is considered to be the leading cellular network provider in Pakistan. And also known as Pakistan's first 4G-data provider with cheapest packages and also was a first 4g-sim

However, Zong has provided unparalleled calling, SMS, and internet browsing on the other side. It also offers superior connectivity packages all over Pakistan. Let's get to the point.


If you know how to check the Mobilink balance? Then Zong is similar as well; you shouldn't be a difficulty.

Check balance Code on Zong prepaid

Dial *222# for Zong prepaid balance. It will charge Rs 0.24, and the remaining balance will appear on your mobile screen.

How to Check the Bill on Zong Postpaid?

SMS 'BL' to 567 to know the postpaid bill. The remaining postpaid bill will appear on your mobile phone screen.

How to Load Zong Cards on Mobile Phones?

Enter *101*PIN# and press "SEND or Dial 101, To Load Zong Card in Mobile phones. This is the simplest way you can quickly charge your zong card with the given serial number. Instead of checking a Zong balance, you can subscribe to a Zong package according to your consumptions. Zong has given different packages according to consumer requirements. While it is call, SMS, or internet packages. You can have a look on Zongs official websites or the Zong App. You can also call a customer representative to find the best package for you.


Zong Internet Packages 2021          

Free MBs       



Zong Shandaar Weekly Package     


 7 Days           


Zong All-In-1 Bundle 


 7 Days           

*6464# > 4 > 1

Zong Super Weekly 3G / 4G Package          


 7 Days           



Zong Balance Share Code 2021

With Zong Yaari Load, you can depend on your mates to solve your low balance crisis by the Zong Balance Share facility, where you can share some credit or have your friend transfer your Zong balance quickly!

How to Share Zong Balance in 2021?

  • To share Zong balance, Dial *828#

  • Enter Recipient's Mobile Number.

  • Enter the Zong balance amount to transfer.

  • After confirmation to share credit.

  • You can also request a balance from someone by dialing *829# for a balance request.

  • Charges are Rs. 2 for Zong balance sharing.

However, there are moments when you run out of credit during an emergency and need immediate credit. Then there's no need to worry; Zong offers Advance Balance and Balance sharing for its customers to stay connected at all times.

Zong Advance Code for Prepaid User

How to Get Zong Advance Balance in 2021?

To get Zong Loan, just Dial *911# from your Zong Prepaid number, and you will receive a loan of Rs. 20 into your account.

Zong Advance Code




Rs. 20

Rs. 3

*This is only for the prepaid user.

Zong Super Card

Zong 650 Super Card

Super Card


Minutes, SMS, Data



Zong Super Card

Rs 650

3000 on-net minutes, 180 off-net minutes, 3000 SMS, 3GB browsing data, 3GB WhatsApp


30 Days


How to Check Remaining MBS in Zong

You can install My Zong App or go to their web portal called Zong E-Care.

Dial *102*4# to check your remaining Zong MBs

How to check remaining MBS

How to Check Zong Sim Number?

Dial *8# to find your Zong number or you can dial *100# to check it. You can also check it by sending a message to 667

How Can I Check Remaining MBs In Zong MBB Device?

Zong MBB users can check their remaining MBs by taking their MBB sim out of the Zong device, inserting it in a mobile phone, and dialing *102# or *102*4#.


Zong provides 4g facilities to their customers, such as Zong advance balance, sharing Zong balance and others. For more information click here.


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