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Pakistani Dholki Songs


Pakistani Mehndi Songs


Pakistani weddings are incomplete without exceptional traditions like Mehndi, Dholki, Mayon, Jaga. These traditions have made weddings entertaining. Girls perform the main part in these events. In Mehndi, Maya & Dholki Traditional songs are sung by ladies and girls at weddings. These Traditional songs are in exceptional languages like Urdu, Punjabi, Saraiki & Pashto, relying on the tradition of that vicinity. Everyone knows, a brown family shaadi without a dholki and a mehndi is no shaadi at all! But can you have a dholki without proper mehndi songs? I mean, wouldn’t that be such a celebration-pooper in case you didn’t have a terrific playlist of dholki songs to genuinely build the right dholki surroundings.

Now can we care if the songs are in Urdu/ Punjabi, Pashto, or every other language? NOPE! We love Pakistani songs, vintage or new, and we’re all in for any song that is going properly with a shadi scene!

Are you busy with the preparations of Shadi? And forget about making the dholki songs. Don’t worry, Trollypk brings you the list. Keep an eye on the subsequent list.

Dholki songs booklet:

Punjabi tappay dholki

Traditional songs are in different languages like Urdu, Punjabi, Saraski & Pashtu depending on the culture of that place. Here is a collection of some Punjabi tappay songs for dholki.

  1. Tappian di ae vaari, tappian di ae vaari

           Mein kurri l’hor shaer di, tappian ton na hari


  1. Chitta kukkarr baneray te, chitta kukkarr baneray te

          Kaas’ni dupattay valiyay, munda aashiq teray te


  1. Gaddi ayi teyshan te, gaddi ayi teyshan te

          Peran hatt ve babu, sanoon Ibaad vekhan de


  1. Aasmaani sat taaray, aasmaani sat taaray

         Assan munda o leyna jehra sehray vichon akh maaray


  1. Gaddi chaldi e rummay ve rummay, gaddi chaldi e rummay ve rummay

           Agay Ibaad nith mildee, hun milda e jummay de jummay


  1. Aalu matar pakayay hoe ne, aalu matar pakayay hoe ne

          Saday kolon button changay, jehrey seenay naal lae hoey ne


  1. Aalu matar pakavaan ge, aalu matar pakavaan ge

          Buttonan nu sut devan ge, tehnu seenay naal laavan ge


  1. Meen vassda e hotel te, meen vassda e hotel te

          Tera mera pyaar ho gaya, lemonade di botal te


  1. Roti uttay boti e, roti uttay boti e

          Lokaan de viya honday, saddi kismet khotti e


  1. Thaali vich panj naakhan, thaali vich panj naakhan

           Teryay naal viya ho gaya, hun doojaan noon ki aakhaan

How can we forget the bride/ grooms entrance! Here are the amazing entrance songs!

Entrance Songs


Dholki songs lyrics

Want to learn some Dholki song lyrics? Here are the lyrics: let's sing with us!

  • 1. Ballay Ballay

  • Ballay ballay
    Ballay ballay bai torr punjaaban di(2)
    Juttii khall di marorrha nahion chal di
    Torr punjaaban di, ballay ballay
    Ballay ballay bai je toon meri torr vekhni(2)
    Kali khaggri lavaa de gotaa
    Je toon meri torr vekhni, ballay ballay
    Ballay ballay bai morni di torr vaaliyay(2)
    Sanoo luttia pajeybaan paa ke
    Morni di torr vaaliyay, ballay ballay
    Ballay ballay ni saara pind vayr pae gayaa(2)
    Gora rangg naa kissi noon rabb de vay
    Saraa pind very pae gayaa, ballay ballay
    Ballay ballay bai maan deeyay mombatiyaay(2)
    Saray pind vich channan teraa,
    Maan deeyay mombatiyaay, ballay ballay

    1. Aajao Zara Mehndi Lagao

    Aajao zara mehndi lagao (x 2)
    Tum tho mere man mein barson se basee thi
    Yehi baat mainay geeton mein kahee thi
    Yaad hai mujhey tum sunki hunsi thi
    Zara mehndi lagao
    Aajao zara mehndi lagao (x 2)
    Bachpan mein tumney mujhko tho sataya (x 2)
    Ho gaya tha pyar na iqraar kiya tha
    Yaad hai mujhey woh baat purani
    Zara mehndi lagao
    Aajao zara mehndi lagao ( x 2)
    Chairain ge hum sub jub aayay ga dulha
    Haath pakar tera leyjayay ga dulha
    Yaad humein bhi rakhna paryon ki rani
    Zara mehndi lagao
    Aajao zara mehndi lagao (x 2)


    1. Mehendi Ki Raat
    Mehndi ki raat aayee, mehndi ki raat
    Mehndi ki raat aayee, mehndi ki raat
    Dekhey koyee kisi larkhi key haat
    Khushioun bharey, armanon bharey, mehndi taley
    Kayein sapnon ko sab sey chuhpayey howey,
    sharmayey howey
    Mehndi ki raat aayee, mehndi ki raat.
    Mehndi ki raat aayee, mehndi ki raat.
    Hum bhee gayey eik mehfil,
    rangon bharee ous mehfil mein
    Khushbo thee haatoun mein,
    jadoo tha chehroun pey
    Ankhoun mein tha eik nasha
    hooo ankhoun mein tha eik nasha
    Humney to aisa nazara khabhee kaheen dekha na tha
    Khabhee socha na tha.
    Mehndi ki raat aayee, mehndi ki raat
    Mehndi ki raat aayee, mehndi ki raat.
    Hum bhee miley eik khushbo sey, baatein hoween eik jadoo sey
    Baatoun meinj baat barhee janey kub raat dhalee
    Dono mehuk ney lagey haaaiii dono mehuk ney lagey
    Dholuk ka shour raha sarkoshioun ko dubayey howey
    Sab chuhpayey howey.
    Mehndi ki raat aayee, mehndi ki raat
    Mehndi ki raat aayee, mehndi ki raat
    Dekhey koyee kisi larkhi key haat
    Mehndi ki raat aayee, mehndi ki raat Mehndi ki raat aayee, mehndi ki raat
    Dekhey koyee kisi larkhi key haat


    Mehndi Songs

    With this first-rate Pakistani Songs, you’re prepared to rock the dholki-ground (in case you recognize what I imply) this wedding season!

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